Works Update – August 2015

Another very busy month for the Works!

The new driving trucks have seen some changes made to the braking systems with the fitting of the Vacuum braking controls onto the driving truck after removal from the driving desk on Sentinel. This allows the driving trucks flexibility to operate either the M7 with Pneumatic straight air brakes or full vacuum control of coaching stock when required or they can double as a Guards trolley.

The planned outing to Cambridge SME new track opening on the 22nd did not take place due to health issues and availability reasons.


Work continued with yet more modifications to the driving desk of Sentinel with a new revised layout design and extra instrumentation being added, to provide the driver with better status technical information. The small 2 speed fan has been removed and replaced by a heavy duty 7 inch bi-directional fan. An ammeter has been added to the instruments and the old rev counter replaced with a better quality Tachometer which is easier to read the engine revs. The new controls desk on Sentinel is to have instructions graphics added so as to ensure that any safety issues are not encountered whilst operating and driving public services.

angles2965table2888The Warrior 500kg table lift that I purchased [with the intention of it going to the new track site] has been undergoing modification so that it will act as a traverser unit for off-loading engine trailers. It is fitted with four 150kg V rollers to give it a maximum loading up to 600kg, these will run on a 50mm inverted angle iron vee bed track bolted down to the ground. The flat top has been extended to safely take engines up to 1620mm in length and 550mm in width. In normal use this allows for a maximum axle wheel base distance not exceeding 1200mm. The maximum certified weight of 500kg will be reduced to 375kg once it is installed and commissioned. (approx. 7.4 cwt.)

Another guy has contacted ALW regarding the design of a 7 1/4 inch Drewry Tram engine, to be based on the 1.7 inch ones produced. This engine should be somewhat larger at about 2.25 inches to the foot although this criteria may vary according to actual needs of the intended petrol hydraulic equipment, chassis sizes / specifications.

Criccieth Castle complete with its driving van trailer etc, has now gone to a new owner in Andover, Hampshire.

5ftsatastride ptrolley60 ptrolley66My old sit-astride passenger trolleys are being refurbished so that the club can consider re-opening the Garden Fetes requests diary for 2016. Refurbishment and track testing will take place over the closed winter season pending safety commissioning/testing taking place. The portable track was a very popular fund raiser with many local organisations until the club started public running of the Lynnsport track every Sunday during the season. This frequency of operating negated the need to take the portable track to local events and the loss of many of the “old Fete Crew” meant that we could not attend these invitations due to the lack of trained staff and suitable traction being available on the day. Another factor being that peak holiday time co-insides with members holidays. HSG216 code of practice determines the safety factors and suitability of the proposed site(s) which require a formal method statement to cover each venue.