Part 3 – More bodywork and controls

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Bonnet bodywork and cab parts were laser cut to my drawings, these parts had fold lines cut into the plates as appropriate. There was just one minor error where a couple of folds intersected at slightly different heights affording a small gap.

38 40 39 41 42 43


Once the cab had been planted on its footprint / base then the rest of the parts could be installed and fitted as required to give the shape and profile of this marque of engine.

Some JB Weld epoxy was used to sort out a little problem closing up the tiny gap to the front of the cab plate.

45 44

The height of the coach line of the cab is a bit higher than that along the engine bonnet sides, it is this closing position which gave rise to the small gap which required making good.This slight problem was only applicable to the front (top) cab spectacle plate which is tilted by facing slightly backwards. The rear cab plate being flat and vertical does not give this problem.


Note tilt angle facing backwards to front top of cab.


Engine controls desk being installed to rear of cab, the spectacle plate is flat and not folded.

The Engine controls desk is very compact as it has to accommodate all the driving and safety control functions. These controls have linkages which mate with the engine plus the Eaton final drive unit.

Quicklinks – OverviewPart 1 Part 2Part 3Part 4