Adelaide Loco Works – Planned Outings 2016

This page will show where you can expect to see us, weather permitting! Electric engines and their expensive control units do not enjoy the rain, if the weather forecast is bad then unfortunately we have to cancel our visit. Here’s hoping for dry days out!

The prospects for “distance outings” this year may be somewhat curtailed as it is more likely that trips will be kept to under 120 miles this year. Our local Railway at Lynnsport is being moved to a new site on the same park, our available time for invitation outings may be curtailed. Lynnsport miniature railway track is owned and operated by the King’s Lynn Model Engineers .

‘Harlech’ was regularly operating last year as was Sentinel. The M7 and Sentinel engines are both operational, if Vacuum braking is required then Sentinel is so fitted.

Provisional 2016 outings: Weather + current health being key factors:

  • Vale of Aylesbury, Quainton, Monday 2nd May
  • Parklands Railway, Hemsby, Thursday 2nd June.
  • Weeting Steam Engine Rally, *Friday 15th July – Sunday 17 July. (tba) *
  • Bradford SME. Northcliff Woods Railway. – Sunday 24th July
  • Leicester -Abbey Park – Wednesday ?? August (tba).
  • Ruddington Gala. 3rd September. (tba) *
  • Eastleigh Lakeside Railway, Southampton. 17-18 Sept. 2016 The small engines gala, (overnight stop).
  • Evergreens. Stickney. (tba)
  • Northampton SME – Delapre Park Miniature Railway. (tba)The above listings are subject to change, depending upon availability of helper / deputy driver.