Fleet Status


7.25″ Gauge Sentinel shunter ‘Victoria’ – 0-4-0 6.5hp Petrol Hyd – Serviceable


This new engine was a departure from all my previous locomotives in that this was inspired by Barabel (NVR) and Skippy (BRPS) and is my first petrol/hydraulic powered locomotive, plus it is fitted with vacuum pump and controls.

Has seen a lot of use since completion in late 2014, having visited Rainsbrook Valley, Hemsby and Echills Wood.


Brush 1000hp M7 Bo-Bo – 7.25″ Gauge 2hp Battery Electric – Serviceable

thumb-m7The control systems have been checked modified and tested and are enjoying another interesting season. The Supersound control system has had a couple of problems which only required that a couple of minuscule wires needed re-soldering onto the sound chip. The new type amplifier unit has performed well so far when set at 90% sound levels without distortion. A push-button operated car horn has been fitted to the locomotive to deputise in the event of sound unit troubles.

The M7 was on display at the Spalding Show in April 2014, with its sound unit powered by an auxiliary supply. Hasn’t been out much during 2014 due to the Sentinel being on test.


Ffestiniog Baguley Drewry 7.25″ Gauge 1hp Battery Electric – Serviceable

‘Harlech Castle’ – operational
thumb-hcWent through the 300 mile barrier in August 2013 (that is REAL MILES! not miniature!) since leaving ALW in August 2010. The 4QD double-heading system was installed in both ‘Harlech’ and ‘Criccieth’ enabling them to operate as one, this was tested in March 2011 at the King’s Lynn SME track and proved successful. The pair operated at the Echills Wood Railway in September 2011, and have operated in tandem also at Brandon club and Hemsby track. The pair together are a powerful duo.

NB: Another 3 engines of this mark are currently in the process of construction by other model engineers at other clubs.


FOR SALE! Class 08 English Electric 0-6-0 shunter 5″ Gauge – stored operational

thumb-cl08This engine was exchanged with Drewry No 3 to give my home club a reliable mechanical workhorse capable of pulling the main rake of sit in coaches when doing public running.

‘Gerry’ was on display as an exhibit at the Spalding Show in late April 2014

My 08 English Electric 0-6-0 shunter engine has undergone refurbishment with cab improvements plus it has been rewired plus it now has a deadmans type hand throttle which plugs into the rear buffer beam. It also has a Double pole isolator and a pair of new LUCAS 12V 34ah (33Ah-36Ah) VRLA SLA AGM TAYNA Batteries. The single 12 volt horn has been retained and is operated directly from a red button at the rear of the engine cab. (the hand controller and wiring is fitted so that a 4QD relay could be added to control lighting (if added) and horn(s).

The paintwork looks a bit tired but ok for the moment and can be pressed into service fairly quickly.

Loco is surplus to requirements and offered for sale, please contact to make enquiries. It can be given a trial test at my home club track prior to making a decision to buy. (It does not have a driving truck).


Class 37 – 5″ Gauge Battery Electric – Stored, awaiting upgrade

thumb-cl37This engine is now fitted with 4 new type 280watt motors plus new wiring and a new sound system, (The old Fasco 250watt motors being redundant). A new lighting loom has also been installed into the body and plugs into a new control switch box using a DIN plug and socket. The original pylon mounted motor drive system is being changed to a direct gear wheel drive with nylon gears being mounted on the inner faces of the wheels. Currently stored out of use, as of summer 2012.


Been and Gone – locos built here that have gone to other homes, or those that popped in for some TLC.  

7.25″ Gauge – Class 20-alike Battery Electric

c1441 copyThe sole survivor of the devastating fire at the Fancott Railway, this ‘chubby Class 20′ was stored elsewhere on the site as it didn’t work very well and couldn’t be used in regular service.

It’s owners were put in touch with Mike and arrangements made for it to visit ALW to see what was what. A page on this will be sorted out in due course detailing the works done to turn this ailing device into a stronger more reliable loco.

Perhaps one day it may make a reappearance at the Fancott? The Railway does have a long, rather demanding gradient more suited to heavier, powerful petrol hydraulic locomotives rather than small battery electrics! The gradient made the M7 sweat a bit when ALW arranged a visit a few years back.


Drewry No 1 – 0-6-0 chain driven 1hp battery electric

tram1The Daddy of them all, and what spawned not only three other Drewry’s but the two Ffesties were derived from this design.

Inspiration for this came from a fellow club member who had built himself a Drewry 04, slightly larger in scale, but utilising the same battery and motor set up. Michael produced this slightly scaled down version, but it is equally as powerful.

A visitor to the King’s Lynn club track liked the model so much he made an offer…! and the rest is history.


Drewry No 2 – 0-4-0 chain driven 1hp battery electric

tram2-cThe second of these locomotives that Michael built, this was a modified design in that it was 0-4-0. Since the wheels were hidden behind skirts, nobody would know, surely..! It certainly impressed the man in charge of re-opening the Barking Park Light Railway, and an offer was made… the little loco made its way to East London.

Whilst it has now taken a back seat at Barking Park following introduction of a 5hp petrol powered loco, its first year of use there saw it clock up some 400 miles! Considerably more than was anticipated with it was built!


Drewry No 3 – 0-6-0 chain driven 1hp battery electric

thumb-tram3As of April 2013, the King’s Lynn Model Engineers benefitted from a kind offer from Mike; exchanging their 5″ gauge Class 08 for this 7.25″ gauge 1hp Class 04 locomotive. The 08 was unable to keep up with the public running schedule and something more capable was sought.

The Drewry has given solid service since its introduction at the King’s Lynn club track, regularly pulling the three-carriage train (8 adults) and is quite happy with five carriages if demand requires.


Drewry No 4 – 0-6-0 chain driven 1hp battery electric 

thumb-tram4This final Drewry 04 of the series is designed to have a jack shaft and side rods with cranks. In this loco, the motor was mounted in the cab and the two batteries in the bonnet, giving direct weight over the wheels.

The loco was sold in summer 2014 and went to a new home near Nottingham, it can be seen out and about at the Ruddington miniature railway from time to time.


thumb-class15Class 15 – 7.25″ gauge. 

A kit built loco, again from the Barking Park Light Railway, this came in during summer 2008 for a bit of tweaking to get it all up and running sweetly.


7.25″ Gauge ‘Harlech Castle’, full 1/4 scale model. 

thumb-fenlandcastleOne of the locos we went to check out when thinking up of our ‘Harlech Castle’ model… this is a 3 inch scale model and you can see how significantly bigger it is than our 2.5inch scale engines.

It’s owner loved the sound unit on the M7 locomotive and wished for similar on this loco, so it came in to Adelaide Loco Works to be fitted with a Dallee sound unit and new 4QD controller, along with various other detail parts i.e. cab steps, that the original manufacturer never got around to fitting.


7.25 Gauge ‘Criccieth Castle’ 0-6-0 chain driven 1hp battery electric

thumb-CC‘Criccieth’ was the second of the Ffestiniog twins built by ALW and found itself up for sale in Spring 2015, being advertised on the 7.25″ Gauge Society website.

It was snapped up within a couple of weeks of being advertised and has now made its way to a new home. ‘Harlech’ is now lonely and wants another friend to multi-up with!