Drewry No 3

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It’d be fair to say Mike was getting the hang of this by now, Tram Number 3 was knocked up in record time! This time it was back to the six wheeled format and the paint pot contained a more traditional railway colour. The loco made its Lynnsport debut for the start of the season in April 2009.


The loco came on a number of outings to other tracks with us since commissioning, the first was to Avonvale in April 2010, on what turned out to be a blazing hot day!


The Drewry was set up before the M7 and invited to hitch up to some coaches; with the Webmaster liking to try things to their limits, a large coach was attached though only one was permitted due to the lack of vacuum braking. This was also a test run for the DVT driving trolley design. The loco handled this no trouble when it was loaded, indeed it might have handled two.


With the flipped-over figure of 8 design and the first loop passing beneath the second loop, there is quite a bit of hill climbing to do. We are pleased to say that No 3 did this no troubles at all. The only issue of the day is when we failed to activate a track circuit and were held at a red light, and the loco’s horn wasn’t loud enough to attract attention!! Much waving by myself and the passengers finally drew attention to our plight! Upon return to the station, I was issued with an air horn for such instances!

The second outing with No 3 was to Grimsby in the summer of 2010, and again due to lack of vacuum braking we were not allowed to haul more than 1 trolley. A shortage of trolleys and the rule of ‘biggest engine wins’ meant that the available trolley went behind the M7. The tram took the opportunity to romp around the circuit, usually getting held at red signals as the train in front was oh-so-slow!!


I took the opportunity to shoot some video…

After this, No 3 spent some time at the back of the workshop whilst the two Ffestiniog locomotives emerged from sheets of metal and boxes of bits. As Criccieth Castle emerged, it was fitted with a Dallee sound system, and thought turned to retro-fitting something to Tram No 3. The TRAX sound system was recovered from the Class 37 during its refurbishment (ALW runs several projects on the go side by side at times..!) and the nose grille was cut out and speakers placed behind.


Tram No 3 spent a little more time at the back of the shed whilst the frames for No 4 were put together, it received a coat of green paint at the same time as No 4 did as the red was getting scuffed. It was intended to fit double heading capability into these, as per the Ffestiniog locos.

The loco’s last outing with ALW was to Brandon SME in 2011.


After this, it spent more time in store – the trouble with having so many locos is knowing which one to take with you on a day out!

During the summer of 2012 it transpired that King’s Lynn Model Engineers had been having some difficulty in reliably providing motive power for their Sunday running days during BST. The club had been relying on individuals to provide motive power, and as many of us in the Club work and have wives and families, we aren’t always able to attend and there have been instances where the only members present weren’t loco owners until the very last moment when someone thankfully turned up with a locomotive! The Club’s own 5″ gauge Class 08 wasn’t up to the job, so over the Winter when this issue was discussed, Mike kindly offered up Tram No 3 for the job in return for the Class 08, which holds a place in his heart and workshop as he was its custodian for many years.

In April 2013, ALW simplified the internals of No 3, removing the sound box and on the 3rd April, KLDSME took charge of Tram No 3. It will no doubt be of great use to us during the Summer and at other Club events. KLDSME is eternally grateful to Michael for initiating this exchange and providing us with a certified ‘fit for purpose, made in England’ locomotive.

Aside from that, there’s another set of frames left…!

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