Drewry No 2

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With the first tram locomotive ‘rehomed’ there was a gap in the workshop, so what to do? Get some more frames cut…

Tram No 2 was to be a 4 wheeled version for ease of construction and to see if it made much difference to the 6 wheeled version in terms of mobility and tractive effort.

The M7 locomotive was under construction at the same time, so to try out the paint colours, this happened when it came to commissioning…

Tram No 2: the 0-4-0 version painted rather vibrantly! A test for the M7 paint scheme, poor Roger is almost blinded!

This appeared in the 7¼ Society magazine and soon after another guy from Stratford came down to have a play and thus yet another loco departed down South! If you happen to visit the Barking Park Light Railway this is where it can be seen operating. see link..  http://www.bplr.co.uk/index.html

Ray is seen in this pic having a test drive covering over a mile distance at the King’s Lynn Society of Model Engineers track at LynnSport with Drewry number 2. The bright colour scheme has gone and it has been repainted a rather more sombre Black, with one happy chap at the controls.


However, I still had another couple of sets of frames of which one was a jig plate!

Quicklinks – Drewry No 1Drewry No 2Drewry No 3Drewry No 4