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May 2015

Round up of activities from ALW this month…

Early into the month, a visit to the Vale of Aylesbury Society and their track at Quainton Road. The Sentinel was able to haul a full rake here today, with its vacuum brake system up and running.

may (5)The Aylesbury track is a good one, with almost a mile in length and some gradients to play with as well.

A brick arched tunnel marks the final approaches to the station. may (6)

Pick a day when the full size Quainton Road museum is operating and you can find yourself running side-by-side with a mainline steam locomotive!

The new driving truck is making good progress, look how many nuts and bolts are in this thing! may (2) may (3)

These are to represent an 8 plank wagon, this decision being helped by spotting some discounted laminate flooring in the DIY store! This being cut into strips to represent the planks.

Towards the end of the month, it was time to visit Hemsby for their annual week long bash, though we tend to pick a mid-week day as not to be too busy. This track is on a private site at a holiday park, so it’s not over-run with people wanting rides and you can have a bit of a play. Single track, double track, bridges, tunnels, steep gradients… it’s a good day out! 7.25″ Society membership is mandatory though!

may (4) may (1)Few pictures taken due to camera malfunction, however the video camera played ok and you can see some of these by following the links on the Vids and Pics page