Welcome to Adelaide Loco Works Website

‘Adelaide Loco Works’ has been chosen as the ‘official’ name of Michael’s workshop, in which he has been designing and building model locomotives in both 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge.


Michael has been interested in model engineering for many years and has served on the Committee of the King’s Lynn and District SME for several years before stepping down back to the ranks of a regular member and getting the chance to crack on with his own engineering projects at home. These pages show what Michael has built and how he did it, in words and pictures, his final build project being an 0-4-0 petrol hydraulic Sentinel type locomotive.

Michael and ALW are not actively building locomotives and equipment these days – simply maintaining and modifying the existing models. These pages are left online as a reference in case they are useful to others seeking ideas on building their own locomotives.

Please note, this is not in any way a commercial enterprise and locos are not available to buy, except where storage space renders a loco “surplus to fleet requirements”. This is Michael’s hobby and this website was built to showcase these projects and share information and ideas to like minded people.

If you have any questions about the locos, their operation or any aspect of construction, then you can .